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6 Reason why you need a Property Manager

1. Marketing – This will help you to maximise the rental returns of your investment. We have more than 10 social media platforms to put your properties advertisement locally and internationally. This give you the ultimate exposure and more quality application to choose from.

2. Tenant Screening & Placement – Getting the right tenant, the most critical factor in achieving a hassle-free tenancy is selecting a quality tenant. All prospective tenants need to be interview, and all details need to be validates. The nominated referees should be contacted and confirm the prospect’s employment details and rental references. Additional checks are carried out through national databases, so your Property Manager can see if any complaints have been lodged against the potential tenant. All tenants are screened thoroughly and presented to the owner for final decision.

3. Negotiation – often overlooked, the power of having an agent showing your property helps prevent negotiations and allow for the owner to obtain the highest market rent. We speak Perth language and we know the supply and demand in any given area and we are aware of the comparative rental prices of properties. This will help us to maximise the rental returns of your investment.

4. Maintenance – Your tenant notifies you the hot water system at your rental property is broken or the sprinkler head is broken, what would you do?  If you want to avoid an all-too-common maintenance and repair dispute with your tenant, read on for a summary of your rights and obligations. A good property manager will be able to address to the issue accordingly – have a selection of quality trades that will be able to help with any damages or repairs that should come up at the property.

5. Emergencies – Essential services are urgent repairs including the following services: gas, electricity, a functioning refrigerator (if supplied with the premises), sewerage/septics/other waste water treatment and water (including the supply of hot water). When your tenant advises you about an urgent repair, you must contact a repairer to arrange repairs to restore essential services within 24 hours.  Arrangements for the repairs which are not necessary for the supply and restoration of an essential service must be made within 48 hours. This means you need to contact a suitable repairer within that time to arrange to have the problem fixed. You never know when this will happen. We will attend to this promptly and trades can be dispatched ASAP to avoid any excessive damage.

6. Compliance with the LAW –  One of the things many property investors find daunting is a lack of knowledge or experience when it comes to real estate law. Every year, more regulations pass in the rental industry. Staying out of trouble requires strict compliance to fair housing laws, municipal ordinances and codes, disclosure requirements and more. As experienced property managers, we can help you take care of your investment – performing a range of duties that include addressing tenant issues, collecting rent, carrying out inventories and periodic inspections. Spend your time on other well deserve matter, you can rest assured that everything is legally abiding from the paperwork to the phone calls.

6+1. Bonus Point – TIME – When you purchased your first rental property, did you see yourself as a landlord or a real estate investor?  Probably, as an investor. Unfortunately, you are spending too much of your valuable time taking care of plumbing leaks, showing vacancies, and dealing with tenant needs. STOP BEING A LANDLORD!!!!! Instead, spend more time with your family or on long neglected hobbies. Managing your rentals is not a high pay-out activity. Once you experience the services of a professional property manager, you will feel a desire to become the real estate investor you originally imagined. Spend time on looking for your next real estate investment. How much is your time really worth? The value of your time definitely exceeds the cost of hiring a competent property manager.