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Preparing Your home For Sale or Rent

Presentation comes first

We all want to present well to other. The same goes to your property! A well-presented, clean and well-maintained property not only attract more buyers and tenants, it also presents more value when it goes on the market.

If there are carpets, a professional steam clean is a good way to gives potential buyers and tenants a good impression.

Exterior presentation

A tidy and clean front lawn and gardens will attract more potential buyers and tenants. This is the first impression the buyers and tenants will notice. Do the exterior paint need to be touched up? Are there cob webs around the windows?

Interior presentation

Is the interior of the property a little aged? A ‘mini’ renovation such as new curtain and floor covering may entice potential buyers and tenants. If you are tight in budget, a repaint to the wall may add value to the property.

It is also a good idea to replace leaky taps, broken blinds and loose cupboard etc.

it may be a tricky to have a well-presented property for home opens. Ensure you have a good communication with your property manager to let the tenant know about the presentation expectations for home opens.

Home Staging

Have you considered to have home staging and styling? it can be fully transforming the presentation of the property to enhance the features of your property.

Our team have the expertise to recommend the best ways to improve your property value before it go on the market.

If you are considering selling or lease your property, please contact us for a free market appraisal.