“Ray your service and assistance provided in this slightly unusual matter are greatly appreciated, especially when you personally return to my office my client’s uncollected correspondence that you picked up at the property following inspections.”
Leo R; Bull Creek
“Ray was effective in negotiating the price I wanted, following up with the clients, and keeping me organized with all the necessary paperwork. A smooth and hassle free experience thanks to his skills.”
Ian P: Inglewood
“Ray looked after the Sellers’s interests primarily. He was effective in negotiating us up from the price we wanted to pay. In summary: Of the twenty or so agents we have dealt with, either buying or selling, Ray was one of the best.”
Peter B: Bull Creek
“We are moderately experienced in buying/selling real estate. Our experience over 40 years consists of: - Four times purchasing a house to live in ( across 3 states) - Three times sold houses we have lived in. - Seven times purchased investment properties. - Six times have sold investment properties. Ray was the sort of agent we like to deal with because: - Not a lot of a “look at me” factor. Too many agents sell on image where as an investment is more dollars focused. - Ray was quick in getting back to us. - Ray was available for inspections and handover when needed. - Once it was clear that we were a genuine buyer, Ray was open and honest. We could trust him. - There were difficulties in achieving settlement in the nominated time frame and Ray did the hard work to make it happen. (getting signatures and dealing with lose ends)”
Peter B: Bull Creek
"We would like to thank Vera Zhang for her assistance in recently selling our 8.8 hectare urban zoned property. Vera utilised her overseas contacts to pursue a buyer and was of great assistance with what could have been a difficult process when language and cultural aspects are taken into account. Vera always returned calls promptly and was professional in all other dealings." Related Sale: 603 armadale road, piara garden
Ken & Robyn Lowden
"I would like to express my appreciation to Ms Vera Zhang for her assistance in securing my lease contract in such a short period of time with no fuzz. I have been impressed with her professional service and friendly approach. She would always respond to all my questions and queries in a timely manner. I wish your company continued success in the future. Thank you"
Omar Bawamia
“Ray suggested the auction route for the sale of my investment property. He explained it to me and I was keen to give it a go. During the process he dealt with the tenant and kept the situation on a fair footing. Despite a slow market the auction day resulted in a sale. A quick and great outcome for me. I would recommend Ray anytime.”
Gordon R; Midland