Stage Property is one of the most reputable names in the Perth property industry. Our high-calibre, hand-selected team of professionals bring their decades of hands-on real estate experience to our table. Established in 2013 in the Perth CBD and servicing clients from all walks of life and all corners of our beautiful city and beyond, Stage Property has continued to thrive in a fluctuating market and set new benchmarks as one of Perth’s most successful real estate businesses.

Carrying a heavy collection of qualifications including a Commerce Degree (Curtin University), a Master’s and a Diploma in Property, and a Certificate IV in Financial Planning - plus a 17 years real estate career experiences, Licensee Vera Zhang, leads the team to combine our refined sales and negotiation approach with a full overview of the economy, business and property markets. Stage Property is one of the most well-versed, highly knowledgeable, instinctive and reputable real estate teams in the industry.

Our success has been built on a single and very clear vision; to provide the ultimate real estate experience for every one of Stage Property’s clients.

Having our clients’ best interests as our guiding philosophy enables us to build a specialised team whose members each strive to be the very best in their field.

Services provided for sellers include:

  • Inspecting the property
  • Providing a property market appraisal
  • Conducting relevant research based on the surrounding market
  • Verifying property ownership and related documents
  • Proposing market promotion and sales strategy suggestions
  • Introducing the real estate market and sales model
  • Proposing the most suitable advertising plan for the property
  • Promoting and selling the property according to the established plan
  • Negotiating with buyers on price, sales conditions, etc.

Services Provided by Buyer's Representatives

  • Introducing the local market
  • Identifying the value of properties to be purchased based on market positioning
  • Answering the buyer's questions regarding the purchase of a property, such as whether it is located in a good school district, the average market price of the property, etc.
  • Identifying the structure of the property to be purchased, including whether it is land, a resale property, or a land and property package
  • Searching for available properties
  • Checking the background of the properties, including whether they are cultural heritage sites, whether there have been any accidents, or whether there is any land pollution in the surrounding area
  • Providing language communication and translation services
  • Negotiating with the seller on price and sales conditions
  • Assisting with the signing of legal contracts related to property purchase
  • Introducing brokers and conveyancers
  • Conducting a final inspection of the property.

Services offered by the company representative:

  • Upon authorization by the company, we act as the company's agents to promote and introduce their development projects and existing real estate business to the outside world.
  • Advertising costs and channels.
  • Accompany clients to view properties during designated open hours.
  • Basic property management services.
  • Negotiation of prices, sales conditions, and other terms. 

We do not charge any consulting fees! (Third-party expenses, such as advertising costs, are at the client's expense.)

Stage Property Code of Ethics:

We will comply with all laws, regulations, and social norms.

We will always respect the decisions of our clients and act within their authority and instructions. At Stage Property, we will only act in the best interests or expectations of our clients, unless it is unreasonable or inappropriate to do so.

We will use our skills correctly and maintain prudence and diligence. We will fulfill our duties fairly and honestly. We will never deliberately mislead or deceive any party in negotiations or transactions.

We will responsibly provide market price recommendations to our clients and carefully review all relevant materials.

We will never accept or participate in any actions that may harm the interests of our clients.

Except where required by law to disclose information, Stage Property will never disclose any confidential information obtained while representing our clients.

【Our Promise】

  • To work hand in hand with you. We believe working with you is an important part of our job. Good collaboration can simplify the sales process and ease the pressure. If problems arise, we will tackle them head on.
  • Marketing. We will design an exclusive plan for your property to ensure that we showcase all the advantages of your property to the public.
  • Honesty and sincerity. We will never deceive buyers regarding offers on the property.
  • Keep in touch. We will maintain active communication with you throughout the property sales process. We will provide you with regular written reports to keep you informed of the progress of the property sales and all related information.
  • Offer. In order to maximize your benefits, once we receive an offer, we will contact all interested clients to ensure they don't miss the opportunity to make an offer. This will bring efficient and positive competition to property purchases.
  • Unconditional contract. Getting an unconditional offer is our primary goal. To achieve this goal, we will continue to promote your property after receiving any conditional offers.
Anthony have good knowledge about the property market. lt helped me to sort it out as soon as.

Rajeev Madeley

Tony and Icey provide professional service to us and we sell our property better than we expected.

Naomimoogo Nadia Butler

Such good experience with lcey and Tony, selling property with really good price. really helpful with the market info and professional selling proposal. Thank you

Seller from Butler Butler